Meet Your Coach

The Wellness Coach that Every Woman Deserves

Robin Renee

Robin Renee is a Wellness Coach specialized in Women's Fitness & Integrative Nutrition She is the Founder of Robin Renée Wellness LLC, which is a Health and Wellness company that supports women in creating a life they love in a body they love from anywhere throughout the world.


  • Body By Robin?

    A premier Online Personal Training program dedicated to having you live your life as the strongest version of you. Through science based programing and customized workouts Body By Robin will have you left feeling alive, vibrant, and with a new sense of vitality.

  • How Long is The Body By Robin Program?#

    3 & 6 Month Programs Available

  • What Do I Need To Participate in the Program?

    The program utilizes all the equipment that you have at home.

  • Is Body By Robin safe for pre/postnatal women?

    Yes! Robin is a certified though PRONatal Fitness as a Pre/postnatal Fitness Trainer. She will be more than happy to support you.

  • What If I would like to do In Person Training?

    No worries, fill out the Application Form and we can create a plan to meet your needs.